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Young Aniston was lying flat on his bed, contemplating what he has achieved from his birth up until now. He even thought how he was born, how he got out of that cramped hole that was of his mother's. He thought how he talks to himself without talking, so many questions, left unanswered.

He was bored; he needed something to cure his aggravating illness that was called boredom. He rolled left and right on his bed, he can't think of anything, either that- or he was thinking too much that he can't understand what he was thinking. He got confused, pressing his hands against his head, his head was aching.

He decided to go down, and get something to eat. 'Something, anything, this headache is killing me!'  He thought as he went down the stairs, only to see an empty fridge, like a growling puppy, he was enraged, and screamed at his palms, he didn't have anything to scream at.

Aniston, enraged was forced to go out to the local store to buy some food, until he realized he didn't have single penny in his wallet. 'I need money, where am I supposed to get some?' He thought, slowly getting angrier. He was then forced to just take a walk, with nothing to eat, he just started to contemplate again, and "enjoy" the evening breeze.

"Money, you say? I've got the solution to that problem!" A strange man's voice was heard, from a dark alley with a small light that doesn't even help with lighting up the alley.
"Who's there? Show yourself?" Aniston said, looking around.
"The name's Magus, good chap, and I know what you need!" The figure finally appeared, he was stout, and he had a beard, very long, for that matter. "Want to know what can help you?"
"How do you know that I needed money?"
"I can't tell you that, I'm just smart, and you looked poor."
"What?" Aniston exclaimed, baffled at his statement.
"Come with me, I can help you." Magus said, suddenly clenching the young man's hand.
"Don't touch me! How can I even trust you?" Aniston struggled to free himself from the scruffy man's grasp.

It was getting late, and Magus felt that Aniston just might be tired. He let the young man go. He saw that the young man was terrified of him, and he just ran away to his abode.

"He'll come to his senses, you'll see!" Magus said to the air,  as if he was talking to someone.
"We'll see about that, Magus!" A slithering voice hissed at him.
"Why do we need him?"
"He's a valuable person, he's needed to open a door that will change the world!"
Here's the prologue to my new story, To the Ends of the Earth, I'll write more when I feel like it.
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June 8, 2010
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