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The next morning, Aniston felt uneasy. He lays on his bed, troubled about the events last night.

'What does that person want from me?' 'I didn't have any money to give him!' 'Is he one of those panhandlers that force money out of him?' 'What if he comes to my house tonight?"

At the end of that thought, Aniston heard a knock on the door. 'Who is that? Is that the magic panhandler from outer space?' He didn't expect an answer, as he was thinking in his head.

"Yes, I am the magic panhandler from outer space!" It was Magus, standing outside Aniston's porch, waving friendlily at him.

"What do you want from me? I don't have any money!" Aniston shouted, getting angrier and angrier at the trespasser.

"I need your assistance! I'm searching for something, it has a huge cash reward!" Magus shouted, Aniston didn't reply, but instead he ran down the stairs and said, "Cash reward you say? How much are we talking about?"

"30 million drachma."


"30 million drachma!"

"You've got to be kidding me, I don't think anyone has that kind of money."

"Well, if we find the treasure, we'll have that kind of money."

Aniston was still shocked at the reward he was offered. 'I can't refuse an offer like this!' 'But it might be dangerous, even that much money isn't worth me getting!' 'But if I get that kind of money, I'll be able to pay all my debts!' 'But what if I die? I won't have any debts to pay!'

Aniston is getting more and more troubled; he didn't know what to say to the stout man smiling in front of him, instead he said, "I'll think about it, I'll get on to you later."

"Very well then, I will meet you tonight, go the harbor at 10 PM if you accept."

"I'll think about it."


"30 million drachma, that's 30 million drachma! I don't know why, but my intuition tells me to stay home, but I still want to come… I don't know what to do!"

Suddenly, he heard a knock on the door, he went down the stairs to get it. But as he was getting the doorknob, an axe suddenly smashed the whole door open.


It was 5 dark figures, one was holding an axe, it must've been the one that destroyed the door. Another one was holding 2 knives at his hand, another was holding a flintlock, another one had a torch, and the last one had bombs.


The figures didn't reply, instead, they started destroying everything they saw, the pictures, the tables, the chairs, the cabinets, everything wasn't spared.


They still didn't reply. Suddenly, he saw the fifth person planting bombs around the whole house; he was planning to blow everything up. The one with torch started burning everything flammable, the bed, the paintings and practically the whole wall!

Aniston didn't have time to think, so he just ran outside, with nothing but himself. Within seconds, his own homestead was destroyed.

"What did those monsters do to my house… my belongings, everything was destroyed… I don't have anything to my name, I'm worthless…"

He was oblivious, as if he's planning to kill himself now. He then started to walk to the dark ship Magus was talking about, with his head down, he didn't have a care in the world, he lost everything, he might as well lose his own life.

"So you finally decided to come, eh, lad?" A scruffy voice was heard, it was Magus.

"Yes… I don't have anything to my name, I might as well do something to get something…" Aniston said, with his head still down.

"Well then, you should have this flintlock, it was mine, now it's yours to keep." The rifle was black, with a silver handle, barrel and designs; it was most splendid to hold.

Out of the blue, the five men who destroyed his house hopped on the ship, still carrying their weapons.

"WHY ARE YOU HERE; ARE YOU GOING TO DESTROY THIS SHIP?" Aniston acted upon reflex, and started to aim at the 5 men, choosing who to shoot first.

"Chill down, son. They're nothing bad at all! I asked them to destroy your house for me, it was too much of a drag for just me to destroy."

"You WHAT?! You actually went to destroying my only possession just to have me exploring with you?!"

"Too late, we're in the middle of the ocean now!"

Aniston looked around, everything was blue, nothing but blue. He sighed and sat down on a seat.

"There's no turning back now, might as well enjoy this trip."

He walked down, and saw a bar.

"Do you have any champagne?" He asked the bartender.

"What's champeyn? We only have rum here!"

"Fine, I'll have some rum."

The mug was immediately smashed down in front of him, he took it and just sipped.

"This might be a good thing after all."

He let out a smile, not too wide but still a smile. It was the first smile he made every since his house was burnt.

Part 2 of To the Ends of the Earth, enjoy!
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