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Aniston and the ship's crew are having a normal, uneventful day, with nothing to do, and nothing to see.

"What are we even looking for?" Aniston scowled at Magus.

"I don't know."


"I don't know yet."

"So let me get this straight- you destroyed my house and every possession, forced me to live on your ship on a blind goose chase for a treasure we never even heard of?"

"You heard right, lad."

Aniston let out a sigh, and collapsed to the deck, looking at the sky and the clouds.

"Oh look, it's a goldfish.

"Why so down, me boy?" Magus asked, his hands on his waist the smiling happily at the youth.

"Wouldn't I be depressed if you destroyed everything I had to look for nothing?"

"I would too- but not knowing what we're going to find is the best part!"


"I know where we can find information."

Aniston's eyes widened, as he let out a big, wide, smile. He finally got some information after weeks of exploring blindly. He finally stood up and looked eager to know.

"I see you're excited, lad."

"Where is it? Come on, tell me!"

"Fine, don't get your knickers on a twist! We're going to Shaladi Port, the shadiest city in the whole world!"

Aniston's eyes beamed and he was acting like a small child chasing an ice cream chariot. He bossed the crew around telling them where to go.

"Come on, come on, come on! Let's get to it! I want to go to Shaladi Port now!"

"Be patient, kid! We're getting there in a while!"

"Aww, but I want to go there now!"

"Sit down; we get there when we get there!"

They finally arrive at the port, shady stores were crowding the streets, one sells "candy", one sells bombs, a curio store enticed Aniston, as he rushed to take a peek of the things for sale.

He found a pouch in a shape of a frog, his eyes sparkled as he saw it, he just had to buy it, He rushed to Magus and asked for money.

"Magus, can I have some money?" Aniston said, his eyes begging.

"You don't need that coin pouch, you don't have any money!" Magus joked, laughing at the youngster's broken heart.

"Well, fine then!" Aniston pouted.

"I asked a salesman, and he told me that he has the information we need. Meet me near the port, he's there waiting for us." Magus said as he turned his back to the boy.

He had nothing to do but look at the curios; he got bored after a while and finally went to the port, smiling at the freedom he got.

"You're late, let's go to the cave, there's a fortune teller there who will instruct us on what to find."

They trudged their way to the cave, it was dark, and wet. It smelled like a hundred birds relieving themselves right on every step on the cave. They walked a couple hundred meters, and climbed a few walls. After a few hours, they saw a shine in a corner, it was the fortune teller, and the fortune teller was old, wrinkly and she smelled bad and had snot dripping from her nose.

"Welcome boys, my name's Paticia Quaga Romanica Sumonito. You can call me Ica, and I'm hey, big boys, You look cute!" Angelica let out a cackle that echoed across the cave, and it gave Aniston a shiver, as he hid behind Magus. "You should've took the shortcut right here!" she said as she pointed to a shortcut, with light peeking from outside.

Aniston stared at Magus, with a stern glare coming from his eyes.

"There was a shortcut. There was a shortcut!"

"No charge, we're already here!"

"Are you done arguing, boys?" Angelica snarled, looking impatient.

"Yes. Now tell us, what treasure is there for us to find?" Magus asked her.

"Yes, yes, let's get to it." She said as she gazed at the crystal ball as it shined. She chanted a strange cryptic spell, the crystal ball suddenly "The treasure… that you should look for… is the… Night Blooming Cereus…"

"The what?"

"The Cereus, is a mystic flower, it can grant a wish, any wish you desire." She said. "It blooms once a thousand years, on the north pole."

"Thank you, wise woman." Magus said, bowing to the strange lady.

"I love you!"



Now our heroes know our precious treasure, it's now up for them find it. Little do they know that more mysteries lies ahead.

Part 3 of To the Ends of The Earth, keep in mind that these 3 are just intro chapters, the main event is coming soon!

Copyright issues from a non-existent contract, so I changed the hag's name, hope you like it!
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